Monday, October 10, 2016

Sport Court of Southern California Volleyball Club News 2016

In early 2015 Connor Sport Court was purchased by Gerflor, one of the largest manufacturers of commercial resilient flooring in the world. Part of their family of products includes Taraflex™, the courts you saw used in the Rio Olympics for volleyball and handball.  Taraflex™ is the most widely specified sports surface in the world and has been used in ten consecutive Olympic Games starting with Montreal in 1976 to London in 2012 for indoor surfaces like handball, volleyball, badminton and table tennis.  Although they are relatively new in the American sports flooring market this marriage with Connor Sport Court will boost that market penetration.  We are excited now to represent the three major manufacturers in the sports flooring world:  Connor Hardwood Flooring, Sport Court Modular PP, and Taraflex Vinyl.

Over the past year we assisted 4 clubs develop their new facilities, see attached photos:
1.    Laguna Beach Volleyball Club – Rancho Santa Margarita.  Michael Soylular expanded his club of many years to a new location expanding from 3 courts to 7 courts using our Response flooring.  We also teamed with LBVBC and set up one of our popular residential outdoor “Game Courts” and have an office/showroom there as well.
2.    Vertical Performance – Actyve VB – Santa Monica.  Lainey Gera opened up a Sport Court Response 2 court training facility on Olympic Blvd in Santa Monica.   We also have a Sport Court satellite office there as well.
3.    West Coast VB Club – El Segundo.  Aaron Wexler opened up a facility at the Hydroflex Business complex, a 1 court facility for the development of his club.
4.    San Gabriel Valley VB – Los Angeles. Kenji Mukai expanded his club from a 4 court facility next door to a new 7 court Sport Court Maple Select facility.

Congrats to these innovators in the Southern California volleyball community.

Sport Court can assist in the growth and development of your program. We offer:
1.    Flooring Options: Sport Court, Taraflex, Connor Hardwood.
2.    Other equipment installation: net systems, sub floor, wall padding, netting, bleachers, scoreboards.
3.    Other construction/Tenant Improvement:  Permits and interior construction for office, lockers, retail, showroom, multi-use.
4.    Lease-Financing program.  Several of our clubs have utilized this service of ours, for existing clubs only.  Lease to own, no large upfront cash needed. 
5.    Fundraising: Ask about our “Courts for Community” fundraising program Sport Court offers for free.  Popular for new start-ups!   

Sport Court of Southern California is a full service, sports-construction company with 4 main divisions: Sport Court Residential, Sport Court Commercial, Sport Court Tennis, and California SportScapes.  Check our website for additional info:

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Outdoor Commercial Court Bird's Eye View

Here is Sport Court's first drone video!  These five outdoor courts at Chaminade College Preparatory​ feature the best high-performance service-PowerGame™.

Sport Court is a NJPA Contract Holder

Sport Court is a National Joint Powers Alliance® contract holder to satisfy the procurement for commercial jobs.

The NJPA is a national public service agency that goes through the same competitive bidding process as public service purchasing agencies and have the authority to procure contracts. They have more than 140 contract solutions on a national level. This allows them to consider not only price, but credibility and quality.NJPA’s members’ contract use exceeds more than a half-billion dollars in purchasing annually.

For more information, watch the following video or visit there website at

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

All American Courts For the 4th of July!

Here at Sport Court of Southern California, we are always in favor of a good old fashioned backyard barbecue- that's why we love everything about the Fourth of July!

We love this guide from Betty Crocker for portions for your summer cook out.

Take a look at these festive backyard courts that would be the perfect entertainment space.

Happy 239th Birthday USA!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Top 10 Commercial Tennis FAQs

We have put together a list of the ten most frequently asked questions by customers interested in commercial tennis court construction; and who better to answer these questions than our tennis consultant with 35 years of experience, Paul Geyer!

1. How often should courts be resurfaced?
Depending on the amount of play on the courts, commercial tennis courts should be resurfaced every 4 to 5 years.
2. What are the different surfacing options?
There are five different surfacing options; acrylic, cushioned acrylic, Premier, PowerGame, and Synthetic Grass.
3. What is the best concrete to use?
Concrete is made up of cement, water, and aggregates, which are rock and sand.
4. Why is the concrete cracking?
Concrete will always crack, but the cracking can be more severe with poor compaction or with improper construction practices.
5. How can you determine the speed of a court?
You can determine the speed of the court by the size of the silica sand that is mixed in to the coatings. A larger sand with produce a slower court while a smaller sand will produce a faster court.
6. How long will the project usually take?
Projects for a single court typically take three to four days while a project with six courts would take approximately two weeks.
7. What are the most popular color combinations?
The most popular color combinations would include a blue playing area with a light green border and a dark green playing area with a light green border, while the old craze of the dark green playing area with a red border is going out of style.
8. Will the colors fade?
Yes, eventually the sun will oxidize the surface of the court and cause fading.
9. What is the standard warranty?
Contractors in California must warranty their work for a period of one year.
10. Can I play right after my court(s) are resurfaced?
Depending on shade and weather conditions, you should wait 24-48 hours before playing on your court(s).