Thursday, July 20, 2017

How Adding a Court to Your Home Can Add Property Value

How a Court Can Add Value to Your Property

Not only does adding a court from Sport Court game court to your home look beautiful, but the property value of your home is also increased. Today, home buyers are seeking homes that include luxury amenities such as a home gym or a backyard court.

Courts built by Sport Court provide a space that the entire family can enjoy. With Sport Court game courts, In-Ground Trampolines, putting greens, and batting cages, gameplay is ageless and safe. Our courts have the best-quality court surfaces that decrease fatigue and prevent joint pain. A future Kobe Bryant, Clayton Kershaw, or Serena Williams prodigy can be making their mark on a champion court or field.

Adding between $10,000 to $20,000+ to the value of your home, an outdoor living and athletic feature in your home is an investment that will continue to rise in profit. Save money on gym membership fees by being proactive out in your backyard or home gym.

Installing a Sport Court product is not only an investment for your property, it's the beginning of a healthier lifestyle. Sport Court game courts such as basketball, volleyball, tennis, and pickleball encourage active play for the whole family.

Start investing in your family and home while creating lifelong memories now by installing a court today!

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Jump Into Summer with an In-Ground Trampoline

Jump into this sizzling hot summer on an in-ground trampoline.

No need to worry about wind gusts blowing it over, your child falling off and hitting their head, or having an unattractive above-ground trampoline taking up space in the yard. With an in-ground trampoline, all you need to do is simply step on the mat for bouncy fun. Compete in the ultimate bounce battle with this super heavy duty polypropylene jumping surface.

Already have a court in your home? Our Sport Court crews can have one dug out and assembled in no time! This is a great accessory to add to any backyard. Dad can be shoot hoops while the kids can have a jumping dance battle.

Also it’s a Money-SAVER! Instead of taking your kids to Sky High Sports, enjoy a nice family gathering with one in your very own backyard. While hosting a family summer barbeque the kids could be having a blast alongside.

Included with extra-wide padding, Sport Court in-ground trampolines are safe and fun-filled.

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Design Your Dream Court with Court Builder!

Customize your Court with Court Builder!

Turn your dream of playing at Staples Center or being center court at Wimbledon into a reality with help from Sport Court! Bring the same experience to your home today, by customizing your very own court ONLINE NOW! Here is a step-by-step process of how you can customize your dream backyard court:

1.    Visit, click on Design A Court and begin by clicking on Customize A Court.

2.    Choose what type of court you are interested in; MultiSport, Basketball, Racquet Sports, and Futsal. Then you can select the size of your court.

*If size is not listed contact us for custom dimensions*

3.    Two predesign court options are displayed. Select the color of your main court and border. The Sport Elements option can turn your half court or full court into a multi sport court. With Court Elements, you can add a light system for night time play in an arena atmosphere.

4.    Once you are finish designing your court there are four options; Send via e-mail, Save & Download, Get Quote, and Share. Before your court is constructed, show off your custom designed court to all of your friends.

See your dream court come to life with our many design options!
Are you worried about throwing the ball into the neighbor's yard? Add a rebounder for ball containment, where you can engage in more play rather than running after the ball. The fence option installs soft-fence netting, which protects your entire court.

Do you have certain dimensions for your backyard or interested in a specific logo? We have Custom Design Services that offer 3D CAD Drawings and Custom Court Renderings. You can customize logos, colors, game lines, surface, size, and sports accessories. We want you to create a court you cherish.

Building Memories...since 1974

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

How to Maintain Your Championship Court

Keep your court looking champion quality all year round with minimal maintenance.

Having a Sport Court in your home is beneficial for active play, and it has an easy clean up process. A simple broom sweep can take away any fallen leaves and debris on a court's surface can be sprayed down with water in just a few minutes.

Are you worried about weather changes when installing an outdoor court? There are no concerns about spending money to repair your flooded court after a storm hits, because our courts have a water drainage system. Heatwaves are no challenge either for our PowerGame surface on outdoor courts as the material is extremely durable and playable at 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

One recommendation we have is to have one of our Court Builders check your court for an annual service inspection. They will check and grease the components, replace any damaged nets or balls, and power-wash the subsurface.

Our simple maintenance system doesn't let anything interfere with 
building memories with your family.

Building memories ...since 1974

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Monday, July 10, 2017

Perfect Your Swing In Your Own Custom Batting Cage!

Having crushed 61 home-runs last year, Giancarlo Stanton will step to the plate once again for the 2017 MLB Home Run derby for his home crowd in Miami, Florida.

Practice smashing a ball similar to Stanton or L.A. Dodgers hot-hitter Cody Bellinger with your very own custom batting cage at your home. Sport Court of Southern California can install a professional batting cage in your backyard today.

Even with minimal space in your backyard, Sport Court can install one customized to fit your area and needs. Our professional batting cages have netting custom-built to your dimensions and specifications. Have one alongside your current basketball court, host your own home run derby, and make your backyard the center of any party.

If you have a child in little league or in a summer league this is a great investment. Your child can be practicing in a professional batting cage gearing up for their future shot at the Home Run Derby.

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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Top 5 Health Benefits from Playing Tennis

Having a tennis court in your backyard serves up many health benefits. Here are a few ways that playing tennis can improve your health:

1.    Boosts Energy: Tennis is an anaerobic sport that involves short bursts of intense energy, similar to a weightlifters experience. Start off a high-energy tennis match by obtaining excellent foot release from a Synthetic Grass tennis court. Sport Court Synthetic Grass courts, which can be installed in both residential and commercial applications, provide a surface for various player preferences with a range of speeds.

2.    Lose Weight: Engaging in tennis drills burns calories, 300 to 700 calories a match depending on an individual's weight. Sport Court PowerGame surface allows you to lose weight with continuous play without any increased stress on your joints.The PowerGame surface extends time on the court for your journey of living a healthy lifestyle.

3.    Cardiovascular: Playing tennis reduces your risk of heart disease and diabetes. Thriving for Novak Djokovic or Serena Williams style of play, obtain the same high performance level on a Sport Court tennis court. Sport Court tennis courts are USTA approved, being the safest courts in the world with the highest quality materials.

4.    Muscle Development: A couple rounds of backhand serves builds up muscle development. By performing forehand and backhand serves you will increase your core stability along with toning your midsection. Attain muscle growth with Sport Court Cushion/ Resilient surface option that is layered with coating that produces spin responsive play.

5.    Coordination: Running back and forth on the court enhances oxygen flow improving brain development. Researchers and scientists at the University of Illinois claimed that tennis requires alertness and tactical thinking and because of this, playing tennis could possibly generate new connections in the brain. Sport Court tennis clay courts have you freely sliding into the ball with minimum stopping.

With all of these health benefits, why not get to enjoy them from your own backyard?

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Monday, July 3, 2017

Play Your Own Wimbleton Tournament at Home with Sport Court of Southern California and the USTA

Wimbledon is on the way! Get ready by practicing your serve on a Sport Court tennis court. When you're on the verge of 40 points, Sport Court has the products for you to serve an ace.

Sport Court tennis courts offer all the protection and high performance products of an USTA tennis court. Both the USTA and Sport Court support safe game play and providing athletes with the best performance surfacing.

Sport Court offers a variety of tennis court products; Acrylic, PowerGameTM, Clay, Cushion/ Resilient, and Synthetic Grass. With an acrylic surface, which is most commonly used, tennis coating is enforced on a concrete base. The PowerGameTM  surface is the Official Modular Surface of the USTA. By incorporating PowerGameTM  tile onto a court, there is no need for a resurface and provides our Lateral Forgiveness support on your joints. Our custom clay courts provide the best joint-support, where you can glide into the ball for steady play. For superior comfort and endurance choose our cushion/ resilient surface. Add synthetic grass to accompany your backhand serves on the court.

As qualifying matches take place, try out your powerful serves on a court today. Develop forehand technique comparable to Roger Federer, by serving up on a ideal court from Sport Court.

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Friday, June 30, 2017

Our Favorite Court Side BBQ Recipes

These are our top five favorite dishes that you can enjoy while playing on your Sport Court. Are you gluten-free? We have five recommendations for you too!

1.    1st Quarter: Before you play on your new court from Sport Court, grab a Turkey Ranch Club Wrap. In just 10 minutes these wraps are ready to enjoy. The perfect healthy start to add while playing on a Power Game surface court, that reduces fatigue as well.

2.    2nd Quarter: A great dish for the entire family is a 7-Layer Bean Dip dish. This mouth savory dip is loaded with refried beans, homemade guacamole, diced tomatoes, green chilies, shredded cheese, olives, and topped with salsa. This energy building dish will leave you running up and down the court.

3.    Halftime: It's time for lunch, prepare Crispy Baked Honey BBQ Wings during the 1st half of the game, so everyone can enjoy these savory wings at the Halftime break. Freshen up with a drink of Watermelon Agua Fresca. Sport Court advanced technology Lateral Forgiveness, which is included in Power Game, has you set to play an entire game without putting any stress on your joints.

4.    3rd Quarter: A taste of some BLT Pasta Salad calls for a timeout. This dish is a wonderful add to the backyard table. With a 20 minute cook time and a gently toss it's all ready to go.

5.    4th Quarter: As the shot clock winds down enjoy sweet treats, Strawberry Brownie Skewers after a full day of play. These skewers are an easy clean-up too, similar to the little maintenance that's required for your court, one sweep is all you need.

Gluten-Free Options:

Enjoy Gluten-Free Sandwich Wrap Bread for some batting cage power :

Have a spoon of Gluten-Free Mac and Cheese to unleash a hole-in-one:

Eat these savory Gluten-Free Chicken Enchiladas to serve up an ace:

Savor Gluten-Free Pepperoni Pasta Salad, and you'll be high flying on an in-ground trampoline.

Finish with a slam dunk of Gluten Free & Vegan Churros

While you're preparing one of these amazing side dishes call today to start designing your court.

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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Health Benefits of Playing Basketball

If you're an athlete or simply love the game, here are some reasons why playing basketball can keep you in shape this summer!

Keep your heart healthy by building endurance while printing up and down the court. Enhance hand-eye coordination while practicing some free-throw shooting. By installing a half court from Sport Court at your home, you can routinely warm-up shooting free-throws. Sport Court designs custom half courts and full courts, so you can create your own dream court.

Depending on your weight, health, and the amount of time you spend on the court, stay fit by burning up to 750 calories from playing an hour long. Basketball improves your balance, where you can develop footwork similar to Kobe Bryant. Sport Court basketball court surfaces such as PowerGame, provides a foundation where you can pivot to a fast break.

Reduced stress, and a boosted immune system are more health advantages that come from playing basketball. While playing a two-hour long match there are no worries about any joint damage, because of Sport Court's patented Lateral Forgiveness technology. It has been specifically engineered for PowerGame causing less strain on your joints and fatigue for longer playing time.

Start a healthier lifestyle today, by having a Sport Court basketball half court or full court installed today.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Before, During, and After.. Transform Your Space!

With over 8,000 courts constructed locally, Sport Court is committed to provide the most high-quality customer service and project distribution from court design to installation.

At Sport Court, our CourtBuilders are certified by Sport Court and ASBA in constructing your court up to the highest standards. Custom design experts are available to help guide you through the process of personalizing your very own Sport Court.

Each court is made with professional-grade materials and construction processes. Each court has a smooth finish, where a 3-pointer can be reflected off the surface. With Sport Court every court is unique, because YOU decide what's on the court.

You can have your favorite teams logo on the court. Bring Staples Center to your home by adding the Los Angeles Lakers logo onto your court. Perhaps you're a L.A. Dodgers fan, channel your inner Jackie Robinson behind some of our batting cages. At Sport Court we bring the stadium experience to your home.

After spending quality family time on the court an easy broom sweep is all you need. Maintain your Sport Court by receiving an annual inspection from one of our local Sport Court Dealer. Start your own project today, and see the stunning transformation Sport Court creates at your home.

Building memories...since 1974

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Monday, June 26, 2017

Wrapping Up a Weekend of Awesome Events!

This past weekend was proactive, exciting, and charitable as Sport Court sponsored a variety of events; Olympic Day, BET Experience, and Angel City Games. 

Olympic Day, hosted by LA 2024, the LA84 Foundation, and the Foundation for Global Sport Development celebrated the Olympic movement alongside the youth of Los Angeles. The event provided kids with the fundamentals of sports by practicing their track and field skills. Olympic Day advocates the principles of superiority, teamwork, and respect. By children practicing the basis of sports, the next generation are on their way of living a healthy lifestyle. Sport Court provided the Sitting Volleyball court for this momentous event.

Sport Court of Southern California and Sitting Volleyball at Olympic Day, hosted by LA 2024

The BET Experience was an interactive experience with tons of fans, celebrities, and innovators. Having the hottest song right now featuring Rihanna, artists Bryson Tiller and DJ Khaled took the stage on Friday. On Saturday, a celebrity basketball tournament was held. Sport Court supported BET Experience game of play with musicians showcasing their skills on the MapleSelect court. Fans got to see their favorite artists on the court, which included Chris Brown, The Game, YG, and Trevor Jackson. It was an exciting multicultural entertainment music festival.

Sport Court of Southern California at the BET Experience

At the 2017 Angel City Games, there were sport opportunities for children, adults, and veterans with physical differences and impairments. Sport Court of Southern California was named Sponsor of the Year at the Angel City Games. We share in Angel City Game's mission is to include disability and advance the adaptive sports movement. Incredible athletes competed in various competitions; Track and Field, Archery, Swimming, Wheelchair Basketball and Wheelchair Tennis. Everyone celebrated all the athletes that were showcasing their skills. In the Experience Zone, athletes as well as their families and friends had an opportunity to learn and play wheelchair basketball on our PowerGame surfacing. The Angel City Games highlighted the importance of creating programs across the globe for individuals with physical differences and impairments.

Sport Court of Southern California in the Experience Zone at the 2017 Angel City Games

With all the exciting events that concluded this weekend, you can still continue to be proactive. It's time to lead the next generation in active play on a court by Sport Court.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sport Court of Southern California and Angel City Sports Unite With the Game of Play

Four years ago in Oklahoma City, father and son Clayton and Ezra Frech changed the game of play for all.

Ezra Frech, born with congenital limb differences, asked his dad why did they have to travel to Oklahoma City to run, jump, and throw things. No places were located in Southern California where a kid who simply had the joy for sports was able to play the game.

One year later in 2014, they found a facility and programming partner in UCLA Recreation. A one-of-a-kind competition and event experience for youth and adults with physical disabilities was established. Frech's passion for sports aided individuals whom similar to him with physical impairments had no access in Southern California to participate in athletics.

In 2015, the first Angel City Games were held, with over 1,300 attendees and 150 athletes present. This year's Angel City Games, the pursuit continues to diminish disability and empower the adaptive sports movement.

Sport Court of Southern California supports Angel City Sports mission to create sports opportunities for children, adults, and veterans with physical differences and impairments. Sport Court is the game changer for your facility, making courts accessible for all.

The Angel City Games takes place tomorrow at UCLA, 221 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, CA
at 8:00 a.m. through Sunday, June 25 at 5:00 p.m. Incredible athletes of all ages will be participating in various competitions; Track and Field, Archery, Swimming, Wheelchair Basketball and Wheelchair Tennis.

Throughout the weekend families, fans and friends will enjoy a Celebrity Wheelchair Basketball Game, Toddler Track and Field Events, Opening Night Party and BBQ, Youth Council Fun Run and Roll, Kids Fun Zone and Live Entertainment.

Angel City Games isn't only clinics and competitions, it's a celebration about amazing athletes coming together and sharing their love for sports. There are no barriers at the Angel City Games, it is the only event that provides the opportunity for all to participate, learn, train, and compete in a variety of sports. With Sport Court the same opportunity for safe play is given, share your passion for sports by building a court today.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Happy, Healthy, and Hydrated Backyard Fun

Jet off this summer with a Sport Court and have family fun in the sun playing your favorite sport. Start creating memories at home with a round of basketball, baseball, golf, tennis, and more.

Interested in indoor or outdoor courts? There are many choices from basketball courts to batting cages. Practice your own Kershaw warm up in a professional batting cage or shoot a half-court shot on a personalized basketball court.

Sport Court has built over 8,000 courts, locally, and has the highest quality components in the industry.Our variety of surfacing options guarantee for high performance level on the court.

No matter what age you are, stay active this summer with the entire family. With Sport Court surfaces such as PowerGame, reduced stress is enforced on your joints due to the safest platform, Lateral Forgiveness, which reduces joint strain and improves traction and ball response.

Host the next family barbecue at your home, while cooking hamburgers on the grill the kids can have entertainment with an in-ground trampoline. No worries about suffering any injuries, because all parts are smoothly finished with no sharp edges.

Take a break from social media by playing a one-on-one game. There are no concerns about the ball getting tossed in the neighbor's yard with a new rebounder. Sport Court has everything you need for a blazing hot summer.

Summer has arrived, before taking a swim in the pool design your court now!

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Friday, June 16, 2017

Happy Father's Day!

Give your dad the best gift this year with the help of Sport Court!

Instead of purchasing a new tie or watch, create memories with your dad on his own court. Design a court that embodies that bond between you and your dad, whether that's adding initials or a logo on the court. After Sport Court builds his dream court, play a one-on-one match together for the home division title.

Surfaces such as PowerGame reduce any stress that is put on your joints, which allows for more family play time. SportGame is good for multi-sport play through advanced athletic surface technology. It also has great traction and low abrasion for safe play. At Sport Court, we provide the best experience for you and your family on the court.

Is your dad a fan of many sports? Sport Court has you covered with multi-sport game courts. Enjoy a half-court basketball court with a putting green on the side. Express your inner Showtime or Cary Middlecoff on a court you and your family will cherish.

Sport Court offers a variety of options to choose from, such as basketball, tennis, golf, batting cages, and even in-ground trampolines. Make is not only a happy Father's Day, but every day special with Sport Court in your home today.

Building Memories... since 1974.

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

3x3 Basketball Takes on the Tokyo Olympics


Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games welcomes 3x3 Basketball as an official medal sport.

From the start, Sport Court has been supporting FIBA with the involvement in 3x3
Basketball. Over 150,000 Sport Court high-performance surfaces have been installed, securing that athletes across the globe have the same level of safety. Through independent Lab Testing, Sport Court products have been shown to reduce the possibility of a head injury from
impact and to reduce the shock on joins.

Sport Court is international approved for outdoor playing surfaces, supplying quality basketball courts for athletes of all skill sets and all ages.

During the press conference for the announcement this past weekend , Patrick Baumann, FIBA Secretary General and IOC member expressed his appreciation for Sport Court.

"Sport Court has been our first major partner for 3x3 basketball since back in April 2012. It is great to work with such an experienced and innovative company such as Sport Court, who provides us with a new surface designed to boost the performances of our best 3x3 basketball players in a safe environment in the most iconic urban landscapes in the world." said Baumann.

For the past 10 years of codifying the rules of 3x3 and innovating a unique platform to bring athletes together, now 8 men's and 8 women's teams will compete for Olympic gold.

Get ready for 3x3 basketball, this is the start of an exciting era for a whole new sport.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tee-Off Like the Pros at Home

As the excitement continues at the US Open this week, try out your backswing on your own putting green with Sport Court.

Through Sport Court's relationship with GolfScapes USA supplies, we are able to supply the thickest, tightest turf for authentic ball roll and response. Sport Court provides putting greens that provide you the best surface to lead off into a hole-in-one.

When designing a putting green with Sport Court you have many choices such as Eagle, Birdie, Par or Fringe. Eagle is the premium golf green product that's ideal for a championship tournament. Choose Birdie for your backyard to play rounds of golf with some friends. Par Turf is an excellent choice for beginners learning how to get that perfect stroke. With Fringe, the blades of the grass are up for a routine short chip shot.

Start your journey in becoming the next Jack Nicklaus by practicing your stroke on a putting green from Sport Court.

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Monday, June 12, 2017

Represent Your Team with Home Court Advantage!

As the Warriors currently lead the series 3-1, tonight's game puts the spotlight on the Warriors, with Sport Court the spotlight can be on you.

You can match Lebron James 39 points from Game 2 on your very own court by creating a highlight moment on a court from Sport Court.

With our Landscape Division, California SportScapes, Sport Court satisfies all of your needs for full backyard design and build. You can seamlessly bank a three-point shot on your very own personalized indoor or outdoor court.

Sport Court offers custom design services, where you can add logos of your favorite team. Whether you're a Lakers fan or Yankees fan, Sport Court has you covered. You can customize your court's entire design from color to accessories.

Our unique courts have a surface that not only prevents fatigue but reduces the possibilities of suffering a concussion and other injuries. Our Lateral Forgiveness™ technology that was engineered for our courts give you the best protection from any stress on your knees and joints.

Invite friends to have your own championship game in your own backyard. As the NBA season concludes, the entertainment of blocking a jump hook shot doesn't end when you build a court with Sport Court.

For a free estimate, call us at (800) 296-5566.

Design your own court online today at:

For a free estimate, call us at (800) 296-5566.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Play on the Clay the Pros Do

The ongoing French Open, founded in 1891, has players serving up their own games on courts that we build.

With the French Open continuing for a max of two weeks, Sport Court has the same court for you all year. Bring the court from Paris, France to your own home. For residential or commercial, at Sport Court we construct custom clay tennis courts with either red or green clay, comparable to the French Open.

Clay courts provide the best joint-support, where a player can gradually slide from play to play then coming to a halt. Having a clay court produces the ball to go higher for an excellent serve and easy play.

You can be serving up on a court effortlessly just as nine-time champion Rafael Nadal. The clay surface on this court can build up for a memorizing backhand serve.

Sport Court offers many choices of tennis courts, from Har-Tru and clay courts to synthetic grass courts. Be the pro on your very own Sport Court Tennis Court.

The play never ends when you have a product from Sport Court.

Champions start hereTM

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Friday, March 31, 2017

Sport Court at the Final Four Fan Fest!

Sport Court Maple Select, PowerGame, and Response surfacing can be seen at the Fan Fest in Phoenix, Arizona for the NCAA Final Four!

The Making of the Final Four Court

The madness of the 2017 NCAA Final Four has arrived! 

The #OFFICIALCOURT of the Final Four

Our sister company, Connor Sports, is the Official Floor of the NCAA Men's and Women's Final Four. For the last 20 years, they have been making the courts used by the champions of the NCAA tournament. With courts for 67 games that total about 134 hours of play time, March Madness calls for the highest quality courts for these champion quality athletes. No other manufacturer can compete with the technology and quality of Connor Sports, and as their sister company, we can bring that championship quality to your home. Check out this video showing what it takes to make the Final Four court!

You can bring home the Official Replica Court of the Final Four!
March Madness has come down to the Final Four and you can keep the game going by bringing home the Sport Court Official Replica Court! This court gives families an opportunity to practice and play at home, on a surface that is built with the same technology and quality that Connor Sports, Sport Court's sister company, uses in the official court of the Final Four. 

The NCAA Final Four replica court from Sport Court includes the Sport Court playing surface with custom graphics and our adjustable hoops. You have the option to upgrade your court components to meet your family's sports needs.