Thursday, August 31, 2017

Mix Up Your Basketball Game!

Turn your entire neighborhood into a block party with these 5 awesome alternative basketball games!

1. Around the World
First begin with a layup, then move farther from the basket for the following shots in consecutive order:

  • Halfway between the basket and the free throw line
  • At the free throw line
  • 20-feet from the basket along either side
  • At the 3-point line
  • Center court
  • And a final lay up.

The first player to "go around the world" and make all the shots wins the game.

2. H-O-R-S-E
Start things off by taking a shot from anywhere on the court. The next player tries to make the same shot. If Player 2 makes the basket, then the next player must shoot from there. If Player 2 misses, they pick up an 'H', and the next player gets to take their shot from anywhere on the court. The goal is to contest your opponent with the most difficult selection of shots, forcing them to pick up letters with each miss. Players that spell "HORSE" lose the game.

3. Dribble Tag
Without double-dribbling or traveling, players must tag other players. Once a player has been 'tagged", they are out of the game. All players can have a basketball in the game or just the players who are "tagger". Play this game in a certain area in the court (for example: half-court) and the final remaining player is the winner.

4. Musical Basketball
If you enjoy musical chairs you will enjoy this game. Similar to musical chairs, but with basketballs. The balls are placed into a circle while players walk around it with music playing. When the music stops, all players must grab a ball and take a shot. When a player makes a successful swish, they sit. The last player standing is out and the game continues until there is one player left.

5. 60 Seconds
In 60 seconds, kids are challenge to score as many buzzer-beaters as they can. In the paint baskets are worth 1 point, outside the foul line are worth 2 points, and 3 pointers are of course worth 3 points. Learn to shoot like Stephen Curry in no time playing this game.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

It's Time for the US Open!

Rising star Alexander Zverev showcased his top-ranked skills at the Montreal Masters hoping to continue the same stride at this year's US Open.

From Monday, August 28th to Sunday September 10 in New York City, catch highlighting moments from all the stars as new champions are crowned. Since it was founded in 1877, legends like Robert Lutz, Rafael Nadal, and Serena Williams have all left a legacy on the courts at the US Open. Now it could be your turn!

Increase your speed of play and start your own pursuit to a grand slam with your very own Sport Court tennis court. Both Sport Court and the USTA recognize the importance of providing athletes with a high-performance court that is safe and leads to success. Our game court surfaces contain the highest-rated technology in Lateral Forgiveness, Head Impact Index, and ball bounce so you can increase your time on the court and focus on your game without worrying about joint pain and risk of concussions.

Installing a game court from Sport Court will continue all the non-stop exciting plays at this years US Open. Playing on one of our tennis courts serves up excellent ball bounce. We help clients set the stage for their own amazing US Open experience from home by offering the US Tennis Open Blue color option for clients that choose acrylic or PowerGame surfacing.

At Sport Court, not only do we provide the game of play, but a Dream experience.

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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Sport Court Products Help Minimize Injury

Playing on a game court from Sport Court will aid in avoiding many injuries and help ensure minimal interruptions to an athlete's champion journey.

You can decrease the risk of your future champion spraining their ankle by choosing Sport Court game court surfacing to play their favorite sport on. Our game courts offer better preventative features than any other court. Sport Court's products are engineered with patented technology that allows for safe play and Lateral Forgiveness that helps minimize any stress on your knees and joints.

Our champion courts are built with technology that helps reduce the risk of concussions, joint pain, scrapes, and other wear and tear to athlete's bodies. On average, and estimated 1 to 4 million concussions occur every year, and sprained ankles can have long lasting effects. Be safe while playing the game you enjoy by displaying your amazing footwork on a court that was built with safety in mind. Sport Court game courts guarantee outstanding ball bounce with 2 to 3 times the shock absorption than any other outdoor court system.

Get your champions playing on the court that was made with their safety in mind today!

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Going Green with Sport Court

Contribute to the environment while having a blast with an eco-friendly game court in your backyard!

Environmentally Friendly Options
Sport Court of Southern California offers concrete services, but also alternatives to concrete with our proprietary technology called SportBase. While concrete is a greatly affordable option, it is impervious meaning it does not allow liquids such as water to go through it. This helps contribute to erosion. There are pervious concrete options. But studies have shown that over time that debris within water flowing through the pervious concrete can create a build up and eventually stop the flow. By using SportBase, the subsurface allows you to "go green" by keeping the environment in mind.

Created from Recycled Materials
In addition to reducing an overwhelming amount of carbon, Sport Court game courts are made from 100% of recycled plastic. There is no use of toxic topcoats and no requirement of chemical cleaners is needed. Also, Sport Court's home basketball courts are produced in a facility that received a "zero waste" status from the SWCA Environmental Performance Group.

Drought Friendly
Our game courts are playable in weather up to 185 degrees Fahrenheit. During the winter season, there are no runoff issues as our courts have a water drainage system installed in the surface.

Long Lasting
Due to the modular design, Sport Court game courts and the subsurface can be picked up and move with you. Our products are made to last for 15 years or more for you and your family to enjoy for years to come. The portability of our courts allows clients to take their courts with them if they move rather than building a whole new court. This help reduce overall carbon footprint of installation and cost.

Guarantees High-Performance
Game courts are engineered with Lateral Forgiveness technology, provided the best surface for athletes of any age. No worries about scrapes, red burns, concussions or other injuries with this high-quality shock absorption product. Our flooring not only keeps your head in the game but is made for champions.

Create an environment that is fun-filled making everlasting memories by installing a game court with Sport Court today!

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Become a Badminton Champion at Home

Serve up your own world-class title by having your very own badminton championship event in your backyard!

Starting in 1977 in Malmo, Sweden the Badminton World Championships have showcased astonishing athletes every three years. This year in Glasgow, Scotland from August 21-27 the world's best players will compete for a top-ranking world title. Fellow-Danes Emil Host, Viktor Axelsen, Hans-Kristian Solberg Vittinghus and Anders Antonsen will aim for victory in the Men’s Singles event. As China seeks to conquer this year's tournament, Denmark hopes to secure its first Men's Singles title in 20 years while British home nations strive to clinch the title for the first time since 2011.

Become a badminton pro easily with Sport Court by installing a badminton court in your backyard. You can even convert your current game court. Our Court Builders can swiftly transform your game court to a multi-game court with the addition of various sports: badminton, tennis, pickleball, bocce ball and more.

Our products used for badminton courts help to strengthen a player's footwork to effectively launch a flick shot while aiding in reducing the cause for any physical damage to their joints. Sport Court's patented Lateral Forgiveness technology designed in game courts give you better ball bounce with less stress binding into your joints.

Begin your expedition in becoming the next badminton world champion practicing on a court today!

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Wrap Up Your Summer with a Dunk Contest

Rather than waiting for the NBA season to start, have your own slam dunk contest in your very own backyard.

Finish your slam dunk with a bang similar to Indiana Pacers Glenn Robinson III epic dunk at this year's All Star Slam Dunk Competition.

Sport Court SlamSystems
are the highest-quality basketball systems that are adjustable up to 10 feet. The same hoop can be used for all levels of play by easily adjusting the height of the SlamSystem.

Create your own memorable moments on a customized court from Sport Court. For example, a devoted L.A. Lakers fan can design their court with the Lakers logo center stage. We give you the control in designing a court you love by offering a wide selection of colors, logos, and design options. Extend your game by transforming a simple half-court basketball court into a tennis, POP tennis, or pickleball court with the installation of a multi-purpose game court.

Create the same ecstatic feel of a 50,000 fan arena in your own backyard. Add in a couple of LED lights to capture your spotlight moment during a fast break night time play. We have options for dimmer lights too!

Legends Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Vince Carter slam dunks are everlasting times in NBA history. Now it's your turn to slam your way into the history books.

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Pets Give Sport Court Two Paws Up!

Pets are our best friends. So instead of walking yours to the local park on the hot concrete surface, give them the ultimate summer of fun running on a game court in your own backyard that is safe, durable, and weather resistant.

There are no concerns about your pet's nails while running on a Sport Court game court as there is little likelihood of scratching. No stress about your pups paws during heatwaves, because our game court surfaces are durable up to 185F. They also ensure safety by providing outstanding ball bounce having a patented high-performance support base, a sub-base, and a prepared subsurface.

Sport Court along with California SportScapes provides a luminous appearance of grass with our wide selection of turf options. Compliment your front or backyard with our landscaping services that your pets will enjoy just as much as the real thing. Your pup will be running with their fur flowing through a soft breeze leaving them in infinite happiness.

While playing a game with some friends, your puppy can steal the ball for you to shoot a buzzer beater winning lay up. Both you and your pup can be the next rising stars with a game court today.

Animals are members of the family too, so let's start designing a dream backyard for you and your pet today!

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Bring the PGA Tour to Your Home

Will this year bring another first major victory? Or will the reigning champion take the tournament?

Reigning champion Jimmy Walker won his first major last year, and now seeks another win at the 99th PGA Championship taking place from August 7-13 at Quail Hollow Club.

Watch the eye-catching plays from the PGA Championship on your television at home, but capture the full experience by installing a professional putting green in your own backyard. Sport Court's partnership with Golfscapes USA provides the tightest turf for accurate ball roll and response. Complimenting any backyard, these putting green's fluorescent appearance won't fade and require little maintenance.

We offer various choices of turf with plenty of different options made from the highest quality of materials. Sport Court offers turf that can endure any climate and sustain its high performance for many years of entertainment.

Have a favorite PGA Tour putting green you would enjoy taking a swing on? Sport Court can recreate your favorite green, bringing the professional stomping grounds to your own backyard.

Launch a hole-in-one on your very own custom PGA tournament worthy putting green today.

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Monday, August 7, 2017

Sport Court has Foothill Christian Soaring to New Heights.

Foothill Christian School's gymnasium got an amazing makeover from Sport Court that transformed their court into a work of art.

The amount of detail that is infused into this multi-purpose court is a fluorescent sight. From the two-toned wood trim Eagle mascot logo at center court reflecting off the Taraflex surface, to the gravitating blue LED lights, this court already has cheers coming from the crowd.  

The court Taraflex flooring aids in averting short and long injuries from occurring for all athletes of any age or performance level. Get a low ground steal on this court's flooring that has a patented triple action protecsol solution that prevents skin burns. Ensuring less fatigue Taraflex IS FloorScore, which is certified for high indoor air quality.

Sport Court Account Manager Christian Aurand, who helped make this masterpiece come together, guarantees Foothill Christian Eagles memorable moments on the court for the upcoming school year and many to come.

At Sport Court we have advanced the traditional court into the champion court that guarantees safety, high-performance and a whole lot of fun.

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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Bring the Best to Your Students

Start the new school year with Sport Court, supporting education and physical activity across the country.

Having sports in schools help teach students important qualities such as teamwork and discipline. With Sport Court game courts, play is the main attraction instead of heavy duty maintenance. No yearly resurfacing is required, and cleaning is easy with a simple mop and broom sweep. Money saved on maintenance can be put towards more resources for our children's education.

Customize a court to your very own curriculum and even school colors. Include multiple sports on one court to save space and money, as well as give your students many options to choose from.  We offer many color options as well to match your school colors and even include your school logo.

Sport Court game play is enjoyable, active, and safe. Your students are safe with our surfaces with a higher height fall safety rating and Lateral Forgiveness. Sport Court surfaces are beneficial to schools by preventing injuries and enabling longer play.

Give your students a customize court they will enjoy learning and stay healthy on now.

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Court vs. Pool

Looking to add a fun feature to you backyard? Can't decide between a game court or a pool? Let's take a closer look at the two.

Pools require constant cleaning, heavy maintenance, and weekly services while game courts from Sport Court have minimal up keep. With a quick sweep of a broom or spray down with a hose, your court is ready for hours of play!

There are also the potential health risks. Chlorine is used to disinfect the water and is a toxin that can cause respiratory conditions such as asthma. Your body absorbs chlorine through your skin and into your lungs. Hazardous levels of chlorine can be produced with indoor or outdoor pools that have stagnant air. There is also the risk of drowning. Sport Court's products do not require the use of chemicals. They also offer a safe surface to play on and offer lateral forgiveness to lessen the stress on joints.

Save money by ditching the maintenance and chemicals of a pool. Enjoy having a blast on a custom built court right in your own backyard for the whole family to enjoy.

Make the right choice this summer by installing a court today!

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