Thursday, August 3, 2017

Bring the Best to Your Students

Start the new school year with Sport Court, supporting education and physical activity across the country.

Having sports in schools help teach students important qualities such as teamwork and discipline. With Sport Court game courts, play is the main attraction instead of heavy duty maintenance. No yearly resurfacing is required, and cleaning is easy with a simple mop and broom sweep. Money saved on maintenance can be put towards more resources for our children's education.

Customize a court to your very own curriculum and even school colors. Include multiple sports on one court to save space and money, as well as give your students many options to choose from.  We offer many color options as well to match your school colors and even include your school logo.

Sport Court game play is enjoyable, active, and safe. Your students are safe with our surfaces with a higher height fall safety rating and Lateral Forgiveness. Sport Court surfaces are beneficial to schools by preventing injuries and enabling longer play.

Give your students a customize court they will enjoy learning and stay healthy on now.

Champions Start Here™

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