Thursday, September 28, 2017

Healthy Snacks to Keep Your Game Going!

Stay healthy in-between a round of basketball with these ten delicious snacks.

1. Peanut Butter Banana and Honey Roll Ups: This tasty snack will keep you energized on the court. All you need is four ingredients and in less than five minutes whip up this snack. With a drizzle of honey on top this delicious treat will leave you desiring more.

2. Cinnamon Apple Chips: During a morning warm-up eat up this snack that has one of the easiest recipes. Simply core some apples, then slice them into circles, toss cinnamon and sugar, then put them in to bake. Play a one-on- one match, and after earning twelve points, 4 rebounds, and 1 steal enjoy a bowl filled with these savory fruity chips.

3. Frozen Yogurt Berry Bites: As the heat rises while shooting an ace on your Sport Court Putting Green, eating fro-yo berry bites will freshen up your day. This is the perfect snack to eat during your opponent's turn out on the green. Offering four grams of protein, fro-yo berry bites will help you unleash the perfect back swing into a hole-in- one.

4. PB and J Banana and Granola Wrap: Tired of grabbing your child fast food before practice, this snack requires little preparation. Peanut Butter rich in protein and potassium is a healthy snack that will help you pivot to a winning lay up. You can add other tasty fruits such as strawberries, kiwi, and pineapple to this snack as well. Only takes three easy steps, spread, wrap, and enjoy.

5. Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps: Have a fulfilling lunch grabbing this delicious wrap during a halftime break. Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps are protein-rich, and lightened up with some spicy deliciousness. This snack provides you with the momentum for a playoff game.

Live a healthier lifestyle playing on a Sport Court Game Court, while the entire family savors these snacks off the court.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Safety Tips for Sport Parents

As parents, we always have the safety of our children in mind. At Sport Court, we help relieve some of the stress from that worry by building the Safest Court in the World.

Our game courts provide a safe platform built for champions. With these safety tips, your champion will leave a legacy.

1. Research Their Favorite Sport: If they enjoy basketball, research possible injuries that can occur and examine how they are caused as well as ways to prevent them. Understanding the mechanics behind your child's athleticism will minimize your child's risk of possible injuries on the court.

2. Emphasize Safety Training: Be assertive about your child's coaches obtaining first-aid training and injury prevention. Before heading out to see your child perform a medal worthy game, load up a properly stocked first-aid kit in the car. Injuries can happen at any moment, so even have a first-aid kit easily accessible and ready at practices.

3. Avoid Overuse Injuries: Playing the same sport all year round can result in overuse injuries. Make sure that your child takes at least one day per week to mentally and physically recover. It is also recommended to take a total of three months per year, that can be divided throughout the year, off to help prevent overuse injuries.

4. Examine the Playing Field: Take the necessary precautions by examining the court for any damages that can put your child at risk, such as debris or equipment that does not look safe. With Sport Court surfacing, there are fewer worries as our courts are long lasting, have water drainage systems to help clear away dirt and debris, as well as durable in the heat up to 185 degrees.

5. Start a Movement: Other parents have the same concerns as you do, so do not be shy to reach out to other sport parents to start a committee. Caring for our young athletes is essential towards their journey to success. Sport Court has done many school projects, providing the safest court for children of all ages at school. Bring our safe surface to your home with Sport Court.

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Putt Like the Champions at the President's Cup

While capturing a champion getting crowned at this year's Golf President's Cup, take you best swing on your own Sport Court putting green.

From September 25th to October 1st in New York, the Golf President's Cup will take place at Liberty National Golf Club. Golfers and participants will take up the challenge of making the ball travel the 43,825,760 total yards. In comparison to how  many yards it takes to go around the entire globe, the challenge is to honor No Kid Hungry, an organization that assists in providing one million meals to kids in need. For every dollar that Citi donates to No Kid Hungry, a child in need will be provided with 10 meals.

Take a step into providing your children a healthy lifestyle by installing a putting green from Sport Court in your backyard. At Sport Court, we support children getting the resources they need to enjoy the game they love. Our putting greens are long-lasting, and help you achieve the best stroke. Every putting green is equipped with the highest-quality turf for an authentic ball roll and response. From a small practice are to a six-hole playing field, our Court Builders can install a putting green suitable to your own custom dimensions.

For even more fun, pair your putting green with a game court to expand your family's sporting activities. Create the dream backyard from your family filled with play, memories and healthy lifestyle with the help of Sport Court.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Healthy Bodies with Sport Court

Do you have high concerns regarding you and your family's safety while playing their favorite sport? The worries are over when you install the ultimate high-performance Sport Court game court. The make up of our courts is a combination of three layers that provide your body with the highest level of protection for your joints. Our outdoor surfaces provide great traction as well as the lowest surface abrasion rate in the industry.

You will feel the lessened strain on your joints and less fatigue after enduring running up and down the court for hours of play. Sport Court game courts are made with the highest-quality materials that allow for the best ball bounce and traction while also offering Lateral Forgiveness to relieve the stress on your joints after pivoting and cutting on the court all afternoon.

Sport Court surfacing promotes an active life style that benefits athletes of all ages. Making sure to stretch before and after exercising can help keep your body ready for exercise. Stretching helps to prevent injury, gain greater flexibility, range of motion, posture, and coordination. Hypertension that can lead to a potential stroke or heart attack can be avoided by staying active and playing sports. Research has shown aging decreases bone density, which can lead to osteoporosis. Staying active and participating in sports is one of the simplest ways for all ages to strengthen and maintain bone density, along with a healthy diet. Not only does our surfacing provide great health and safety features, it also provides a quality of play designed for professional athletes. Installing a court today is an investment in your family's health.

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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Tips for Successful Youth Sports Parents

Here are five parenting tips that will help you and your little all-star with achieving success on and off the court!

1. Be A Role Model: Sports are and expansion of family values and behaviors. Being a positive and encouraging parent will help your child feel empowered on the court. The are enough critics in the stands, so be the one to set the example for your child on how to be a supportive team player.

2. Notice Their Development: Don't always be pursuing the next challenge for your child to conquer without recognizing their steps in accomplishment. Pay attention to the little things your child is improving on and praise their efforts. Let the coach provide direction for your child, and be the one that enjoys every moment your child showcase their improving skills to you on the court.

3. Inspire Them: Strong words of encouragement will have your child reaching for the stars. Saying, "Even though you didn't get it on that play, I am really proud of how you kept going and never gave up." Notice how those words can affect your child's momentum going forward.

4. Reassure the Importance of Education: The day comes when a professional athlete has to hang up their jersey. That is why it is extremely important to encourage to your child the importance of getting and education along with athletics. Don't let education be the back up plan for your child, but instead let it be the foundation that will start them on their personal journey to success.

5. Allow Independence: Give your child room to be independent. Let your child set their own goals. By taking a step back, it allows them to take responsibility for their development while still accepting help and encouragement from you. This also helps them learn to stand on their own when it comes to handling rude comments and difficult situations that young athletes encounter. Always offer your support and encouragement, but remember to allow them to grow on their own into their sport as well.

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Back to School Benefits with Sport Court

No textbooks are needed, grab a basketball and team up with Sport Court to jump start your kids' physical education this school year!

A game court from Sport Court helps provide the best environment to keep your kids active in their physical education. Not only is it a convenience to have one at your home, it will also help excel your child's performance in school. Children learn valuable life lessons when playing sports, like how to work together in a team and make friends in school.

Physical exercise helps promote a healthy life style, is a great stress reliever, and reduces depression. Research has also shown that girls that play sports at an early age are more likely to have a positive body image and higher self-esteem. Your child can practice their math skills while tallying up the score and stats of each player in the game. Strategic thinking is also developed when your child is analyzing which move they should make to avoid defensive players and vice versa.

Playing sports teaches children respect and discipline as well. If they lose, they learn how to congratulate their opponent instead of stopping off as a sore loser. They learn the rules of the game and the proper way to play instead of using inappropriate actions and gestures.

Contribute to your child's health and education by installing a court from Sport Court at your home!

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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Get Excited About Practice from Home!

Are you tired of waking your kids up for 7 a.m. practices or those nightly drives to and from team practices?

Sport Court has a solution. Install a game court in your very own backyard and host practice anytime! You won't have to worry about keeping a schedule or making sure you leave the house on time when you have a personalized court at home.

Is your child a die hard Clippers or Dodgers fan? You can customize your game court using Sport Court Court Builder tool and our in house designers. We can help you choose how to represent their favorite team with the colors on the court or even their custom logo. You can feature multiple sports or even include a batting cage to help them perfect their stance like All-Stars Justin Turner and Corey Seager. Help give them the court and tools that will inspire them to work as hard as their heroes.

Are you worried that your child will launch the ball into the next door neighbor's yard? Sport Court also offers a quick fix by adding a ball containment net around your game court. Ball containment systems are customized to every court and offer a durable solution to keeping the game in your backyard. Our systems are long lasting, can endure any climate and aggressive play.

Keep practice open all day long for your champions with a game court from Sport Court.

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Champion Coaching Tips!

While your child starts their own legacy on the court, assist them with these helpful ten coaching tips. Sport Court Game Courts are built for champions, and with these tips you can help your child become one!

  1. Understand Your Athlete: Take notes on their unique footwork to the hoop. Obtain their body mass, measurements, etc. to figure out their personal capabilities. Master their ball handle that leads to a successful bank shot.
  2. Provide Research: Obtain information on legends that have a similar shot stance to your child. Get research on how legends such as Jerry West conquered his dribbling and shooting skills. Show information about the mechanics behind each athlete that made them one for the record books.
  3. Guide: Mentor your athlete by teaching them what needs to be done for them to succeed. Step-by-step assist them in positioning themselves for a stronger defensive stance.
  4. Acknowledge: Remember practice makes perfect. Praise them for their efforts in repeating certain formations.
  5. Discipline and Direct: Coach with respect instead of harsh criticism. Stop the put downs and yelling. Your athlete will know you care about their success when instructive advice is given to them in a professional manner.
  6. Set Goals: After practicing free-throws and layups for a couple weeks, notify your star that every Friday, there is a set goal of 10 successful free-throws and layups. Creating goals will only have your athlete striving for something greater.
  7. Make Adjustments: Notice their right foot is uneven when their on the free-throw line. Describe the minor adjustment the need to make that will help lead them to better play and technique.
  8. Inspect for Improvement: Show them how far they have come from the start. Discover how their simple adjustments have strengthened their skills. With them figure out areas for improvement to advance their level on the court.
  9. Encourage: When they make a shot or successfully dribble without traveling offer words of encouragement. A simple "Great Job today!" can reflect on your athletes performance going forward.
  10. Provide Resources for Transformation: Help them be more confident and trustworthy of their personal capabilities. Providing them with high-performance Sport Court Game Court and all the resources they need for a momentous journey can help their growth into a champion athlete.

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