Thursday, September 14, 2017

Tips for Successful Youth Sports Parents

Here are five parenting tips that will help you and your little all-star with achieving success on and off the court!

1. Be A Role Model: Sports are and expansion of family values and behaviors. Being a positive and encouraging parent will help your child feel empowered on the court. The are enough critics in the stands, so be the one to set the example for your child on how to be a supportive team player.

2. Notice Their Development: Don't always be pursuing the next challenge for your child to conquer without recognizing their steps in accomplishment. Pay attention to the little things your child is improving on and praise their efforts. Let the coach provide direction for your child, and be the one that enjoys every moment your child showcase their improving skills to you on the court.

3. Inspire Them: Strong words of encouragement will have your child reaching for the stars. Saying, "Even though you didn't get it on that play, I am really proud of how you kept going and never gave up." Notice how those words can affect your child's momentum going forward.

4. Reassure the Importance of Education: The day comes when a professional athlete has to hang up their jersey. That is why it is extremely important to encourage to your child the importance of getting and education along with athletics. Don't let education be the back up plan for your child, but instead let it be the foundation that will start them on their personal journey to success.

5. Allow Independence: Give your child room to be independent. Let your child set their own goals. By taking a step back, it allows them to take responsibility for their development while still accepting help and encouragement from you. This also helps them learn to stand on their own when it comes to handling rude comments and difficult situations that young athletes encounter. Always offer your support and encouragement, but remember to allow them to grow on their own into their sport as well.

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