Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Safety Tips for Sport Parents

As parents, we always have the safety of our children in mind. At Sport Court, we help relieve some of the stress from that worry by building the Safest Court in the World.

Our game courts provide a safe platform built for champions. With these safety tips, your champion will leave a legacy.

1. Research Their Favorite Sport: If they enjoy basketball, research possible injuries that can occur and examine how they are caused as well as ways to prevent them. Understanding the mechanics behind your child's athleticism will minimize your child's risk of possible injuries on the court.

2. Emphasize Safety Training: Be assertive about your child's coaches obtaining first-aid training and injury prevention. Before heading out to see your child perform a medal worthy game, load up a properly stocked first-aid kit in the car. Injuries can happen at any moment, so even have a first-aid kit easily accessible and ready at practices.

3. Avoid Overuse Injuries: Playing the same sport all year round can result in overuse injuries. Make sure that your child takes at least one day per week to mentally and physically recover. It is also recommended to take a total of three months per year, that can be divided throughout the year, off to help prevent overuse injuries.

4. Examine the Playing Field: Take the necessary precautions by examining the court for any damages that can put your child at risk, such as debris or equipment that does not look safe. With Sport Court surfacing, there are fewer worries as our courts are long lasting, have water drainage systems to help clear away dirt and debris, as well as durable in the heat up to 185 degrees.

5. Start a Movement: Other parents have the same concerns as you do, so do not be shy to reach out to other sport parents to start a committee. Caring for our young athletes is essential towards their journey to success. Sport Court has done many school projects, providing the safest court for children of all ages at school. Bring our safe surface to your home with Sport Court.

Safest Court in the World

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