Friday, February 25, 2011


Check out the Sport Court short video of the 2011 NBA Jam Session!

Brandon Jennings Gives Back to the Community!

Watch this clip about Brandon Jennings Day in Gardena!

Last week, 21- year- old, second-year Milwaukee Bucks guard, and hometown hero, Brandon Jennings cut the ribbon to the newly renovated Rowley Park. Jennings was joined byfamily and friends, a dozen news cameras, and nearly 1,000 fans in Gardena, CA.

Brandon partnered with his shoe sponsor, Under Armour, and Sport Court to renovate the court where he would often play as a kid. The court bears his name and personal logo that was created for his high school event a while back.

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Former NBA star, Kenny Anderson is a personal mentor to Jennings and was also present at the event. The tho have been friends since Anderson was informed that Jennings would watch and study his past game films. Anderson vocalized just how proud he was of Jennings and mentioned that "he's got so much potential, greatness. He'll be fine."

According to Slam, an online basketball news site, Jennings said, "there's nothing like giving back at home. That's where you started from and that's where everyone remembers you. Hopefully everyone remembers this day and remembers that I haven't forgotten about them. I always wanted to give back where I same from, so why not with a basketball court?"

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