Friday, July 16, 2010

Sport Court of Southern California provides surface for Pitch:Africa

Africa is faced with many challenges. Some of the biggest problems are:

  • lack of clean water

  • 20' storage containers littering the land

  • need for establishments for schools, meeting halls, markets, clinics, and soccer venues!

The solution? To build soccer venues on top of 32 storage containers. The venues will be created in a way that rain will be able to go through the soccer field and collect inside the storage containers, now being used as cisterns.

From here the water will be able to be filtered and be able to be used for drinking, cooking, washing, and farming. Not to mention a great place for soccer! And storage containers without water can be used as classrooms!


Pitch Africa was in need of a surface for their model venue in Los Angeles. They gave Sport Court a call and they were set up with this beautiful blue court! The court has a pores design and is a modular cushioned suspended safety surface.

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