Monday, September 20, 2010

Increase in Basketball Head Trauma Accidents from Hard Courts

Kiss the "boo-boos" better & that concrete court goodbye!

Back when we would run on the “black-top” or concrete at recess, it was a normal event to have one of your friends slip, fall, or skin their knees on the concrete.

Concrete is probably the only surface that you might NOT want to use today. For two main reasons...

1) Concrete is just like the sidewalk, it’s the hardest surface you can play on and over time can cause foot, ankle or knee pain and even shin splits. [It’s 15 times harder than dirt/grass!]

2) Concrete will tear up your outdoor basketball faster than any other surface. Even the pure outdoor balls will have less of a lifespan than if you play on asphalt or another surface.

A recent study featured on CNN Health says that the number of traumatic brain injuries have increased in young basketball players. The article, written by Rachel Rettner, notes that basketball-related traumatic brain injury has increased 70% over the last ten years. Hospital records have proven that brain injury cases increased from 7,030 in 1997 to 11,948 in 2007.

Traumatic brain injuries were most common among elementary aged children (ages 5 to 10), with 375,350 average injuries per year. Also, the study did not include patients who were treated outside of emergency rooms, so the overall number of basketball related injuries is probably greater.

Sport Court surfaces have been tested and certified to be the safest court surface to play on! Using the ASTM F1292 (the leading standard for Impact Attenuation of Surface Systems) our product PowerGame earned a 25” safety fall height. This is far safer for children than concrete that has a measurement of 2”!

In the event that someone would fall while playing basketball running on any Sport Court surface, it is dual layer system facilitates non-abrasive and minimal static friction.

Regardless of the level of play, athletes of all ages will enjoy the benefits of Sport Court competitive performance and safety at an affordable price!

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