Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So many ways to get fit in 2011!

Before you’re New Year’s resolutions are set in stone, we’d like to encourage you to add getting fit and active to your list of goals. A healthy lifestyle does not have to be a tedious one… simply getting out and playing with your children will benefit your physical and family health. Here at Sport Court we stand for “family, fun, and fitness!”We have strong family values and are proud to provide safe and fun environments for families to share.

We aren’t alone in the push for a normal exercise routine...

The NFL introduced the PLAY 60 program!

It is the NFL Movement for an Active and Healthy Generation, encouraging kids to play for 60 minutes every day in order to tackle childhood obesity.

Through in-school, afterschool and team-based programs and partnerships with like-minded organizations, the NFL wants fans to Join the NFL PLAY 60 Movement online. Kids play games and follow their favorite NFL teams – while being reminded to get active every day!

Pledge HERE today!

Health-E-tips is a wonderful tool for you to use to kick start your fit 2011!

It provides health and wellness tips to help fight childhood obesity and help people adopt healthy habits. They are also providing specialized quick fitness routines!

By utilizing the space in your own backyard, Sport Courts' Game Courts, Tennis Courts, Putting Greens, Batting Cages, and Gym Flooring will be the perfect addition to your family in the new year!

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