Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pick Up USA Basketball Gym- L.A. Basketball Gym

PickUp USA
“Where the Players Play”

PickUp USA Basketball Gym is a brand new club located in Irwindale, CA.  PickUp USA gives the experience of playing on a basketball league with the flexibility to come in and play whenever you want, morning through night.  PickUp USA offers organized games back-to-back, throughout the day, officiated by CBOA trained referees.  Guests can by day passes and monthly memberships with unlimited access to their world-class gyms and facilities.
Installation Time-lapse...

Sport Court of Southern California was honored to provide the playing surfaces for PickUp USA.  The members get to play on the Official Modular Surface of the NCAA.  The immensity of this project included one full regulation court, one parquet half-court like the Boston Celtics court floor, and one street half-court.  This project also require four adjustable Sport Court Slam Systems and a scoreboard to help keep up the official feel of the games.

PickUp USA is the first adult co-ed basketball gym to offer the officiating and organization of a league while allowing the players to come in whenever they want.  The manager, Jordan Meinster, has been building up this company for the last nine years, and he was more than ready to open it up to the public and get the games started.  Go check them out at!

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