Friday, June 27, 2014

Bring Back Backyard Memories

Bring Back Backyard Memories

Here at Sport Court of Southern California our mission is to bring safety and fun to backyards. Living in the digital age, our kids are more prone to pick up the remote and game controller than to get outside and play!

That’s why we say get off of your backside and get into the backyard!

Our challenge to bring fitness and wellness to our youth is no small task, but must be done. With obesity rates and mental health issues arising at younger ages our only way to combat both is to demand healthier lifestyles.

Safety: Do you know where your kids are?

Having the “ultimate” backyard is only a dent in the benefits for having a backyard court. Many of our customers report back to us that “their house is the house that all the kids want to be at!”

Fitness & Fun: Healthy Lifestyles are Fun!

Setting a schedule and family routine is beneficial for running a smooth household. Bringing fitness and fun into a normal routine will teach children and adults the importance for a healthy lifestyle. Once a routine is made, especially for young children, it will set standards and have lasting effects!

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