Wednesday, July 12, 2017

How to Maintain Your Championship Court

Keep your court looking champion quality all year round with minimal maintenance.

Having a Sport Court in your home is beneficial for active play, and it has an easy clean up process. A simple broom sweep can take away any fallen leaves and debris on a court's surface can be sprayed down with water in just a few minutes.

Are you worried about weather changes when installing an outdoor court? There are no concerns about spending money to repair your flooded court after a storm hits, because our courts have a water drainage system. Heatwaves are no challenge either for our PowerGame surface on outdoor courts as the material is extremely durable and playable at 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

One recommendation we have is to have one of our Court Builders check your court for an annual service inspection. They will check and grease the components, replace any damaged nets or balls, and power-wash the subsurface.

Our simple maintenance system doesn't let anything interfere with 
building memories with your family.

Building memories ...since 1974

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